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Never Forgotten

I had the honor of doing a commission for a friend in the UK which I just wrapped up. This was one of those commissions that isn’t just all fun and fur, but is a little more difficult to create. You see a lot of pet portrait commissions are for people who have a furry family member who has passed on or is getting close to crossing that rainbow bridge. Whenever I am creating a piece like that it gives me joy to be able to create something special for them, but it also brings some feelings of sadness as well. I have two dogs and I know how much they mean to me and that I have limited time with them. Even thinking about that day when I have to say goodbye fills me with grief. I can’t help but feel a shadow of that loss when working on a drawing for someone who is going through or about to go through that. In this piece my friend wanted their current dog Theo to be laying down, and to have their dog Oscar who passed on, watching over him like a guardian. I hope I did them both justice and that they will treasure this painting forever. Rest in peace Oscar, you will never be forgotten by your family.

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