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Original Artwork

Outside of pet portraits, I create a lot of personal artwork. Here are some of the digital and traditional paintings I've created.




I often find inspiration in my garden This digital painting is of some Dahlias that I grew a few summers ago.


The Reader

I do a lot of work that is very detailed. Sometimes I need a break from that, so I started this limited palette series last year. A lot of the pieces in this series are emotional and personal. The Reader is a "meet the artist" piece that shows a glimpse of who I am.



Turtle At Manito

This watercolor painting is part of a new series I am working on based on photos I've taken at Manito Park. I love turtles, and was able to capture this cute little guy swimming in the pond.


Among the Honeysuckle

This is another piece inspired by my garden. I love photographing hummingbirds, and was able to capture a few this year to use as references for my paintings. They love my honeysuckle and it made me so happy to watch them zip around it.

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